Makos, Christopher

American (1948-)

Christiopher Makos (1948) is perhaps most noteworthy for his close friendships and collaborations with other artists. As a young man, he moved to Paris to study architecture. When his schooling came to an end, he began dabbling in photography, apprenticing with the legendary Man Ray, through whom he met a young Andy Warhol.

Besides serving as the subject for many of Makos’ most famous photographs, Warhol was an important influence on Makos’ work. During the 70s, Makos’ photojournalistic work mimicked Warhol’s pop art; it was boldly graphic, composed of strong lines, strong shapes and often included pieces of text and signage in the environment, even when not pertinent to the story at hand. The relationship was reciprocal; Makos showed Warhol how to operate his first camera and introduced the artist to fellow visionaries, Basquiat and Keith Haring. Today, Makos presides over this world of art and celebrity via his interview show, Makostyle, in New York City.