Madahar, Neeta

British (1966-)

Neeta Madahar (1966) is intrigued by the interplay of seemingly opposing forces: nature versus artifice, man versus animals, order versus chaos. From the time she received her MFA in Photography from the Museum School in Boston, she’s attempted to capture these tensions in her images. Her thesis project, “Sustenance,” was show at the Arles Festival in 2005, curated by Martin Parr. In the photographs, which capture various birds interacting with feeders, baths and other man-made dwellings, Madahar asks viewers to reflect upon “home.” Specifically, her observation of the birds’ behaviors and habits forces questions about belonging, community, daily rituals and how we socialize with one another.

More recent projects include “Falling,” which chronicles the turning and demise of a sycamore leaf as a meditation on childhood fancy and imagination, and “Cosmoses,” which uses photos of origami to blur the lines between real and man-made flowers. Madahar’s shots are recognized by the enhanced flash she uses to lend her images a staged, fabricated, almost hyper-real quality.