Lieberman, Archie

American (1926-2008)

Educated at the Chicago Institute of Design and the Art Institute of Chicago, Archie Lieberman (1926-2008) was one of the most widely published magazine photographers of the 20th century. Though he is most often associated with Look magazine, his 50-year career found him publishing in Life, Time, Fortune, Collier’s and Holiday as well. In his later years, Lieberman also did quite a bit of advertising and catalog photography, in particular with Land’s End.

Lieberman’s images have been published in a variety of monographs. In “Farm Boy,” he chronicles the life a farming family who lived near him. “Neighbors” takes a look at the denizens of Jo Daviess County, Illinois, where Lieberman resided. Lieberman also had the opportunity to collaborate with author, Ray Bradbury, on several projects that mixed Lieberman’s social documentary style with the writer’s sci-fi sensibility.