Levin, Russell


Russell Levin has often done other than he was expected to do – with an astounding level of success. While other boys were playing baseball and riding skateboards, Levin was learning photography from his father; he developed and printed his first roll at age 10. The young boy also got to spend a year in Mexico, where his father was a visiting art instructor; while his father taught, Russell captured images in the middle of the action: bull fights, street markets and public dance halls. Back in the US, when his high school pals were studying or playing sports, Levin began receiving assignment from local newspapers and – by the time he graduated – had over 1000 photographs published in newspapers throughout the state.

Instead of attending college to hone his craft, Levin went to work in a local camera store, working his way up to becoming the manager. During his tenure there, he had the opportunity to meet Ansel Adams and Brett Weston. Weston’s influence, especially, led Levin to an appreciation of the nude form, and he began attempting to emulate the photos of his hero. In 1982, Levin opened his own camera store, followed by a gallery opening in 1997. Conceived initially as a way to sell off his own photo collection, the gallery quickly became a place for Levin to sell his own fine art photography, as well as a home for beautiful prints by Adams, Weston and Jock Sturges, among others.