Geesaman, Lynn

American (1938-)

Like many photographers before her, Lynn Geesaman approached the art form through the back door. Though she dabbled with the camera while studying physics at Wellesley, it wasn’t until age 33 that she began learning to photograph in earnest. A middle school math teacher, she wanted to take better shots of her children, so she began attending classes. One class led to another and soon, her hobby became a full-time pursuit.

Combining her newfound passion for the camera with an existing interest in gardens, Geesaman traveled to England, France, Belgium, Italy and Germany, where she researched landscaping techniques and took shots to accompany her writing. Her artistic sensibilities soon won out, though, and the photos began to stand on their own. Shooting in both black-and white and color, Geesaman captures exquisite topiaries, dramatic landscapes and natural scenes given a sense of structure by human hands. Her manipulation of light via diffusion lends the images a surrealistic, imaginative quality that belies her original documentary purpose.