Berr, Keith

American (1954 - )

Artist's Statement

A piece of art should provoke a response from the viewer; it should captivate and lead one on to explore the angles, space and light within the photograph. The viewer should feel a connection with the image, whether it is a person or an object, the context will remain the same.

Seeing and beeing aware of one’s surroundings is the underlying focus in my photographs, images that capture timeless moments. Whether I am in the studio creating images of food or people, or on location in a remote Cambodian village, seeing light or being able to create or direct it makes what may have been just a good image a great photograph. I have fun with my subjects even if I am unable to speak a language, there is still the universal smile and making a link that will allow me to capture that one moment, for an image that will stand as a piece of art.

I believe that there are in infinity of views and changing light. Great photographs are waiting to be found everywhere, everyday. One must be acutely aware of the composition, the color, variations in light and the ability to control all of these things at that one moment is to be able to master and produce a photograph with identity.

As Ansel Adams said ‘We don’t make a photograph just with a camera, we bring to the act of photography all the books we have read, the movies we have seen, the the music we have heard, the people we have loved.’