Conklin, Jon

American 1954-

Growing up in the 1950s and 1960s during the Civil Rights movement, the Vietnam War, the War on Poverty, and the fight for Women's and Gay Rights, Jon Conklin (1954 - ) couldn't help but become aware that there was great inequality and suffering, in the world. From this influence, Conklin developed empathy and compassion for those outside his own comfortable middle-class lifestyle. Going forward, he worked at Summer camps with developmentally handicapped children. After college, he spent a year as a VISTA volunteer (Volunteers in Service to America) serving impoverished counties in Western Pennsylvania. Subsequently, he spent several years at an agency that offered anti-poverty and assistance programs such as HEAP and Head Start.

Conklin was introduced to photography through his college roommate and was immediately taken with its art and science. After graduating with a degree in Visual Communications at Ohio University, Jon began a long career of photo reportage with various news sources in Ohio. He won many awards over the years, but it was his entry in the 2010 Canton Luminaries Photography Competition which offered him representation with the Joseph Saxton Gallery and his first major exhibition with us in 2011.