Justice & Architecture | Robert Adams' Interiors




Are you patriotic or in need of office art? The Joseph Saxton Gallery of Photography's exhibit, Justice and Architecture, is going on SALE!Beginning December 1 through February 28, 2018, buyers will enjoy 10% off, at the register. Give your office or home a facelift by purchasing art!

Stark County's Courthouse                 1973-1974

Bicentennial Celebration





 Please join the Joseph      

  Saxton Gallery in 

  celebration of the 200th  

  birthday of Stark

  County's Courthouse!  

  On view starting June 2,

  2017 through February 28, 2018 

  are photographs by  

  David Dingwell and digital                

  imagery by Su Nimon, both

  local artists.  







   If so, you'll love the Joseph Saxton Gallery's
   latest exhibit featuring photographs by Robert
   Adams. The 24 piece Portfolio, entitled Interiors
, is nothing less than groovy. You'll
   witness floral sofas, "rabbit ears," rotary phones
   and other funky trends. The show opens with 15
   of the 24 pieces, which will rotate throughout the
   life of the show. Opening night is December 1,